What’s Sledge and Wedge Golf?

What is Sledge and Wedge Golf?

  • It’s and slogan that seeks to crush the misconception that weight lifting for golf is negative.
  • I support the golfer who understands that overall body strength is important.
  • I will document my progress as I seek to become stronger, longer and better.
  • I support all golfers who believe that driving the ball longer can result in more enjoyment and better scores.
  • Destroy the naysayers that believe touching a barbell will result in some overnight bulky body transformation.

PictureIf I here one more person say that they don’t want to lift weights for golf, because they will “become bulky” or “lose flexibility”…I will…say nothing.  What I’ll do is air mail them off the tee.  We’re all not born with the fast twitch, ultra flexible frames like Bubba, or Daly.  However, you don’t need the dexterity of a ballerina to swing a golf club fast.  We’re talking about swinging a weighted object through space.  The experts will show you all sorts of exercise movements that mimic a golf swing…See wood chops or one legged rotational twists holding a medicine ball, while tilting at the waist and straddling a parking meter.  I made up the parking meter part, but it’s as ridiculous as the rest.  You need a foundation of strength.  Your house is only as strong as your foundation and without it, all the pretty details will crumble to the ground.  Your body is the same way.  You need total body strength…head to toe.  The so called “golf specific muscles” are the same ones used during a deadlift, squat or bench press.
​     Tiger is the poster child for both the positives and negatives of serious strength training.  The naysayers will say that it was his obsessive training that made his body break down.  I say the guy won 14 majors (however you want to count them) and reached that level after he transformed his body.  He dominated with multiple swings, but he always kept his body at a high strength level.  Maybe it was the late night carousing with waitresses and strippers that took away from his dominance.  Whatever it was, all the detractors combined don’t equal the wins that Tiger accomplished.  I got sidetracked….In closing, golf is a sport played by lots of people that do not train like athletes.  Do not listen to these people!  Being stronger is a good thing.  Lifting a barbell will not turn you into Arnold.  The next time you here someone say “I don’t want to lift weights for golf because I don’t way to get bulky”.  Reply with “I hope you enjoy seeing the ass end of my Titleist as I fly by” and then tell them about Sledge and Wedge Golf.

Big WeightsBigger Drives 

Author: Sean Kayea

I've been playing golf for almost 30 years and have been weight training for nearly 20. I'm not a professional golfer nor am I a personal trainer, but what I am is the "Powerlifting Golfer". I've been bombing it past my playing partners for close to twenty years. Which is right about the time I started to visit the weight room just about as much as the driving range. As I've gotten older I've continued to get stronger, which has allowed me to keep adding yards to my drives.