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Weight Training and Golf…Education and Motivation

Sledge and Wedge Golf (The Program)

This is the official “Sledge and Wedge Golf” program.  Every workout detailed and explained by “The Powerlifting Golfer”.  Follow along as we push to get stronger on the weights so we can get farther down the fairway.  The workouts aren’t easy, but the results will be real.  Lets dig deep…move some weight…and get this DONE!

Dorian Yates (Blood & Guts)

Are you tired of the same old routine?  Do you want to feel what training to failure is really like?  Follow along as “The Powerlifting Golfer” walks you through the Dorian Yates Blood & Guts program.  Grab your workout partner…give a nod to “Krom” and prepare to push each other past the point of failure.  Press play and you will find out why this program is named Blood & Guts!  Let’s do this!

Training Equipment and Tips

Here are some no nonsense training tips on all sort of topics.  You’ll learn from my mistakes and save valuable time and make more training progress.  There are also reviews of equipment that I use to become a stronger and longer golfer.

Golf Equipment and Tips

Here are some tips and equipment that I use to gain more yards and save valuable strokes.  These are some of the observations and techniques that I’ve developed after almost 30 years of playing this great game.

Hit the Road With the “Powerlifting Golfer”

You better call shotgun because you’re on a road trip to a 400 lb. squat.

Buckle up because you’re along for the ride on the fast track to a 400 lb. bench press.

I’m out of analogies so get in the damn car you’re coming with me to a 600 lb. deadlift.