Rory McIlroy lifts weights…DO YOU?

Why Should YOU Weight Train For Golf?

So a Sledge and Wedge Golf favorite, Mr. Rory McIlroy posted a video himself doing a squat workout.  He had barely finished the first rep before all the naysayers started voicing their opinions.  At some point people will realize what Gary Player has known all along…check out the guns on the “Black Knight”


Gary realized early on that a strong body can still be flexible and capable of playing high level golf .  Rory has stated clearly that “he’s not a bodybuilder” and that he’s trying to increase his strength to avoid injury. This is when everyone reverts back to the “Tiger argument”.  Everyone is quick to point out his injuries and his body transformation as he increased his strength level.   The argument points out that he decreased distance and club speed as he became stronger and bigger.  This may be true, but Tiger has stated that there were shots he was not strong enough to hit when he was the skinny fast twitched youngster from the 97 Masters.


Tiger would hit one of his custom shots from an impossible lie in the rough, and the commentators would trip over themselves talking about the incredible strength of the big cat.  Now he’s the prime example of how trying to get stronger is not conducive to better golf.  The HYPOCRISY is ridiculous.  So the best golfer of the last 30 years and his heir apparent, Rory, believe strength training for golf is beneficial; but they’re the ones that are wrong.  I think I’ll follow the lead of Gary, Tiger and Rory and their 27 majors.

Please checkout my video as I explore this topic further and give Rory a Sledge and Wedge Golf salute.

Author: Sean Kayea

I've been playing golf for almost 30 years and have been weight training for nearly 20. I'm not a professional golfer nor am I a personal trainer, but what I am is the "Powerlifting Golfer". I've been bombing it past my playing partners for close to twenty years. Which is right about the time I started to visit the weight room just about as much as the driving range. As I've gotten older I've continued to get stronger, which has allowed me to keep adding yards to my drives.